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TTP-245/ TTP-343

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The TSCTM TTP-245 series desktop thermal transfer printer offers speeds of up to 5 ips with 203 dpi resolution. Standard memory is 2 MB of operating DRAM and 2 MB of addressable FLASH with an option for up to 8 MB of additional FLASH memory. The TTP-245 series features serial, parallel and USB communication ports standard, and offers an optional internal Ethernet LAN interface for networked installations.

Maximum Print Area
  • TTP-245
    • Width: 108 mm (4.25")
    • Length: 1,000 mm (39.33")
  • TTP-343
    • Width: 104 mm (4.09")
    • Length: 420 mm (16.35")
  • 2 MB Flash Memory
  • 2 MB DRAM memory
  • TTP-245
    • 203 dpi (8 dots/ mm)
  • TTP-343
    • 300 dpi (12 dots/ mm)
  • Width: 213 mm (8.39")
  • Height: 188mm (7.40")
  • Depth: 314 mm (12.36")
Print Speeds
  • TTP-245
    • 50.8mm, 76 mm, 102mm, 127mm per second (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ips)
  • TTP-343
    • 50.8mm, 76mm per second (2.0, 3.0 ips)
Various command languages can be flashed into the printer including TSC's TSPL II language, TPLE (Translation Printer Language Eltron), TPLD (Translation Printer Language Datamax) and TPLZ (Translation Printer Language Zebra). Easy to maintain, the printhead and platen can be replaced within seconds. Based on the same platform as the TTP-245, the TTP-343 offers 300 dpi resolution and 3 ips printing speed. All TSC printers feature a 2 year limited warranty.

The flagship TTP-245 has more features than ever before in a small package. The TTP-245 series feature a user-friendly clamshell design with a large center biased media capacity, the strongest and most durable thermal transfer mechanism in the industry.

Its innovative Dual-Motor gear driven design provides enough horsepower to handle 300 meter long ribbons, and up to 8.4" OD rolls of labels. Two motors instead of one generate lower torque, more durability and quiet operation. Loading ribbons has never been easier and 300 meter capacity is more than three times longer than the industry standard for desktop printers.

The TSC TTP-245 series printer is the ultimate compact solution for bar code printing!


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